User's Guide

Using EPICS 3.13
Build Library Build Application Startup Script Protocol File
Debugging Records
Protocol Files
General Protocols Commands Strings Variables
System variables Protocol Arguments User variables
Exception Handlers
Format Converters
Syntax Types & Fields %f %e %g %i %d %u %o %x %s %c %[charset] %{s0|s1|...} %b %B %r %R %D %<checksum> %/regex/ %#/regex/subst/ %m %T
Record Processing
Normal Processing Initialization I/O Intr
Record Types
aai aao ai ao bi bo calcout int64in int64out longin longout lsi lso mbbiDirect mbboDirect mbbi mbbo scalcout stringin stringout waveform
Tips & Tricks
Many almost identical protocols Read unsolicited input Read multi-line messages Write more than one value in one message Read more than one value from one message Read values of mixed data type Read a web page

Programmer's Guide

Record API
Interface Class Theory of Operation
Registration Creation & deletion Connecting Bus locking Writing output Reading input Handling events
Format Converter API
Converter Class Theory of Operation
Registration Parsing Printing and Scanning
Operating System API